About Us

Sri Datta Electronics is the technology expertise Organisation having dedicated techno-commercial professionals with many man hour experience in providing services and solutions in the area of Satellite programs, defense, avionics, beverages industries and other harsh environment applications where reliability is critical.

Our engineering services capability has been established and proven more than a Five to provide adequate expertise in the area of high reliability components, RF & microwave components and Telemetry subsystems.
  • We are equipped with good laboratory for our Equipments calibrations.
  • We have internal Inventory Management System to maintain / update the Vendors.
  • We generate Reports to our Vendors by online to the respective job done & does maintenance.
  • Team is dedicated to work under any circumstances as similar to 24x7 support.
  • Presently we have spread our workmanship to South India states & we have high ambition to spread across India.

 We are registered with all Defence labs & Beverages Industries in Hyderabad & Bangalore and other parts of India:

 Supplying systems to DRDO in India:

 Telemetry Sub systems

  • MIL-Grade Connectors- Micro-D, Nano-D, D-Sub, Circular & Micro-Circular
  • MIL-Grade RF cable assemblies
  • CEMILAC & LCSO approved PTFE Cables & Wires
  • MIL-Grade DC-DC converters
  • DC Programmable Power Supplies
  • RF & Microwave Components
  • Testing & Measuring Equipments